Dracula - March 8, 2014 (Kristianstad Teater, Kristianstad)

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Dracula - Johan Wikström
Mina Murray - Anna Renud
Jonathan Harker - Johan Hwatz
Lucy Westenra - Hanna La Fleur
Abraham Van Helsing - David Rix
Renfield - Fredrik Henriksson
Jack Seward - Anton Salvin
Arthur Holmwood - Filip Hällefors

I hardly knew anything about the musical Dracula before I went to see it. Actually, although I was quite a fan of horror movies when I was younger for some reason I didn't even know that much about Dracula at all. So it was quite interesting to see this musical. Sadly I wasn't well at all when I saw it, but I still enjoyed it, so that's saying a lot really! I loved the dark style of this musical, and the music and lyrics are really beautiful and powerful. I especially liked the songs "Djupt i den märka natt" (Deep in the Darkest Night), "Whitby Bay" and "Final" (Finale).

While I'm not sure the "vampire logic" always made sense, the story was still good, entertaining and somewhat scary.

I really liked the cast a lot. While it's pretty much an "amateur" cast they were still really awesome. I especially liked Johan Wikström as Dracula. Extra fun since I saw him as Daddy Warbucks in Annie last year. Quite a different part this time! I also liked David Rix as Van Helsing a lot, and was also quite impressed with Fredrik Henriksson as Renfield - quite scary! But like I said, I think the entire cast were great.

I would really like to see this this musical again. Apparantly there is also a compleatly different version of Dracula the Musical, so that is somewhat confusing. But I at least really liked this version a lot.


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