Rebecca - April 11, 2014 (Malmö Opera, Malmö)

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Jag (I) - Ida Högberg
Maxim de Winter - Philip Jalmelid
Mrs Danvers - Nanne Grönvall
Mrs Van Hopper - Åsa Fång
Frank Crawley - Erik Gullbransson
Beatrice - Annica Edstam
Giles - Tommy Juth
Jack Favell - Fred Johanson
Ben - Rickard Söderberg
Överste Horridge - Michael Segerström
Frith - Arne Strömgren
Robert - Rasmus Mononen
Clarice - Mikaela Tidermark

On April 11th I saw the musical Rebecca at Malmö Opera. As the musical hasn't played in Scandinavia before I guess it's not surprising I didn't really know anything about it in advance. I did see Hitchcook's movie version years ago, and possibly I read the book years ago (not at all sure about that). I think the music might grow on me if I got to see it again. As it is now, as I hadn't heard any of the songs before, I did like them but not sure how much I actually remember afterwards. I really liked the story though, and I loved the cast! Everyone was really great and created really interesting characters.

They used videoscenography, which worked really well. Basically they only have white walls, and they project lights and images on those walls. It looked really special, and set the mood for Rebecca perfectly.

Ida Högberg was really good as the main character (only called "I"). I saw her last year in A Little Night Music (as Petra), but this was obviously a much greater part. She really made you care about the character, and she has a lovely voice too. I also liked Annica Edstam as Beatrice a lot. I have seen her before (in Evita, and possibly something else?), and she really has an amazing voice! She was also the understudy for the role of Mrs Danvers, and it would for sure have been interesting to see her in that part. But we got to see Nanne Grönvall as Mrs Danvers, and she was obviously the audience's favourite. And yes, she was really great! I was surprised she could play such a scary character (as she seems very kind in real life), but she did a great job! I have seen her in a concert before, but this was the first time I got to see her in a musical, so that was really cool.

Two of my very favourites were in this musical - Philip Jalmelid and Fred Johanson. Both were awesome! Philip plays Maxim de Winter and did an excellent job. He really showed a great talent as an actor here. Of course his singing voice was perfect too. Sadly Fred's part was rather small, and he played a rather unpleasant character, but did a wonderful job of course. Always a treat to get to see ONE of these two amazing talents, to see both in the same musical is of course awesome. (Saw them both in Les Misérables too!)

Rebecca really has it all - it's a love story, a horror story, a mystery, and even a bit of a comedy.


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