Guys and Dolls - March 17, 2007 (Slagthuset, Malmö)

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Sky Masterson - Tommy Körberg
Sarah Brown - Jenny Silver
Nathan Detroit - Claes Malmberg
Miss Adelaide - Sofie Lindberg
General Matilda B. Cartwright - Gunnel Nilsson
Big Jule - Stefan Ljungqvist
Arvide Abernathy - Stig Grybe
Toppen-Toppen Johnson - Anders Aldgård
Kommisarie Brannigan - Isidor Torkar
Benny Southstreet - Simon Laufer
Häst-Harry - Zandro Pablo
Agatha - Åsa Lundin
Calvin - Jan Lerning
Martha - Fatima Rainey
Mimi - Kristina Gissler
Magda - Lotta Gullberg
Ellen - Anna Larsson
Angie - Anders Bergkvist
Försäljaren - Anders Barkiest

I got to see the Malmö production of Guys and Dolls on March 17. Usually I’m very much prepared when I go to see a musical, but this time I have to admit I didn’t really know anything about it before I saw it, and wasn’t even familiar with the music. That made it a rather unusual musical experience for me, but luckily it turned out to be pretty easy to follow anyway.

While I’m not that fond of the actual music in Guys and Dolls, I still really enjoyed seeing this musical. It was extremely funny - we were laughing pretty much all through it. I’ve been a fan of both Tommy Körberg and Claes Malmberg for many years, but this was the first time I saw either of them in a live production.

Claes was SO funny, and it’s really impressive how he seems to be doing long monologues which don’t even seem to be following a script. He also has a really nice singing voice! While he is usually thought of as a comedian and actor, he could easily record an album!

Tommy really has an amazing voice, and did a great job here as well! In my opinion he’s among the greatest singers ever, and it was wonderful hearing him live. He was also really funny!

Both Claes and Tommy really made this a wonderful show, and I think they were equally great! They really made a terrific team! However they did also give us quite a blooper, when they mixed up a line and ended up laughing on stage - but that only made the evening MORE fun to the audience, who really enjoyed it!

The rest of the cast were also really good. Both Jenny Silver and Sofie Lindberg handled their parts fine, and it was also nice to see Stefan Ljungqvist as Big Jude. I hadn’t realized he would be in Guys and Dolls, but as soon as I heard his voice I recognized him.

I was also very much impressed with the ensemble. Especially during the song “Crap Shooters” where they really show off their dancing/acrobatic talent!

Another nice thing is that it was girls from the ensemble who were selling the programs. At first I just thought it was cool that they were wearing costumes from that era, but then I recognized them on stage. Way cool!

I really don’t have any real complaints at all on this production. While I’m not a fan of the music (I’m not really into jazz), I think it’s still great, as it’s a very funny musical with very talented singers. I also really liked that they had managed to include a lot of more modern jokes, and also adjusted it to a Swedish audience.

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