My Fair Lady - October 27, 2007 (Göteborgsoperan, Gothenburg)

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Eliza Doolittle - Thérèse Andersson
Henry Higgins - Fredrik Lycke
Överste Pickering - Anders Beckman
Alfred P. Doolittle - Erik Gullbransson
Freddy Eynsford-Hill - Niklas Andersson
Fru Pearce - Catherine Hansson
Fru Higgins - Jessica Zandén
Zoltan Karpathy - Daniel Engman
Jamie - Jesper M. Sjöberg
Harry - Alexander Larsson
Fru Eynsford-Hill - Ingahlill Wagelin
Fyllekärringen - Karolin Funke
Tre hemlösa - Sten Pernmyr, Timo Nieminen, Pierre Hagman.
Gycklare - Robert Brolin, Trevor Lewis
Husa I - Anna Werner
Husa II - Tonje Bakken
Husor - Malena Tuvung, Kitty Chan, Lisette Pagler
Butlern - Camilo Ge Bresky
Kökspojken - Pål Jensenz
Bartendern - Daniel Engman
Royal Pom-Pom - Camilo Ge Bresky
Prinz Pålle Jr - Magnus Lundgren
Friherren och Friherrinnan af Silverslefv - Ulrik Spjut, Cecilia Skarby
Drottningen av Transylvanien - Karolin Funke
Prinsen - Pierre Hagman
Statyer - Trevor Lewis, Robert Bolin, Lisette Pagler
Utroparen - Mikael Simlund
Abdel Hasim - Jesper M. Sjöberg

On October 27, 2007, I saw My Fair Lady at the opera house in Gothenburg (Sweden). Although I have read the book Pygmalion, which the musical is based on, I had never seen the musical version before, so I was really looking forward to it. I think they had done a lot of changes in this production, including focusing on the kind of Swedish spoken in the Gothenburg area. They also had a brand new translation of all the songs.

The musical was really funny, and I was much impressed by the ensemble! The set also looked really cool!

As for the cast, my main reason for wanting to see this production was Niklas Andersson, who plays Freddy. Even though the part wasn't very big, I was not disappointed as it was done perfectly! You could tell Niklas really enjoyed playing such a happy character! I was also much impressed by his version of "on the Street Where You Live", which here as called "Så nära mig nu" (=So close to me now). It's always been one of my favourite songs, and I really loved this version.

Eliza was played by Thérése Andersson, whom I've before seen in Saturday Night Fever in Concert. I think she did a really amazing job here! Amazing actress and a great singer! Fredrik Lycke as Higgins was really funny, but it was a bit hard to get passed the look of the character. Rather reminded me of Jim Carrey in Lemony Snicket. But Fredrik did a good job playing this very excentric character. Great voice too!

I really liked the 3 statues! They were very talented and really funny! Also very unexpected, so it took a while before I noticed they were real people! It was also nice to recognize so many people in the ensemble from the 2006 production of Cats.

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