The Sound of Music - November 24, 2007 (Göta Lejon, Stockholm)

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Maria - Pernilla Wahlgren
Kapten George von Trapp - Tommy Nilsson
Baronessan Elsa von Schröder - Malena Lazlo
Max Detweiler - Johan Wahlström
Franz - Gert Fylking
Frau Schmidt - Fillie Lyckow
Syster Sofia - Caroline Adelly Duvheim
Syster Teresa - Helena Larsson
Syster Berta - Helene Jonsson
Syster Margareta & Joddlerskan - Åsa Sellman
Abbedissan & Fru Elberfeldt - Margareta Dalhamn
Herr Zeller - Felix Engström
Amiral von Schreiber - Dan Bratt
Rolf - Jørgen Olsson
Baron Elberfeldt & Danskapten - Joachim Staaf
+ Jacob Andréas (Ensemble).
The Children: *
Liesl - Emmi Christensson
Fredrik - Levi Blad
Lovisa - Vendela Palmgren
Kurt - Josef Alin
Birgitta - Emila Berglind
Marta - Minna Hummel
Greta - Maja Benckert Claesson
*There were 3 children for each part (except for Liesl, only 2 girls shared the part). As it's never announced which group of children were working that night, these are the ones I THINK were in it that night.

On November 24 I went to see The Sound of Music in Stockholm (Sweden). I first saw the movie version when I was about 10 years old, and I loved it right away! I remember watching it every day after school for quite a while. So of course I had been wanting to see the musical production for a rather long time. I was especially happy to get to see this version since Pernilla Wahlgren plays Maria. I was a big fan of hers when I was little, and I still think she's great.

I was extremely impressed with this version! I thought the entire cast was perfect, and they added a lot of humour to it. Both Pernilla Wahlgren and Tommy Nilsson, who played the Captain, were really perfect for the parts. Also, Johan Wahlström as Max was very funny! The children were also very talented! Everybody handled their part perfectly!

It's fun to note that Pernilla played the part of Louisa/Lovisa when she was young, and now her daughter Bianca plays the same part. (Bianca didn't play Louisa on the night we saw the show though). I remember hearing Pernilla say in an interview maybe 10 years ago that her dream role would be Maria, so it was really nice that she get to play the part now - and of course she did it really well!

If I have any objection to this production, it's the scene where the nazis are searching for the von Trapp family. To add to the authenticity of the scene, they have a group of nazis coming into the theatre, carrying flashlights and yelling, as they check if the von Trapps are hiding in the audience. Quite unexpected, and several of the younger viewers were terribly upset by it. It did make it seem more real, and gave an understanding of how it must feel for the von Trapp family. Still, I wish that scene would have been handled a little differently. (They used to have a dog in this scene too, but after he bit one of the actors he was fired).

Everything else in the show was perfect though. Perfect cast, wonderful music! Truely wonderful! I would love to see this production one more time!

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