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Australian actor Peter O’Brien was born on March 25, 1960, to parents Jack and Betty O'Brien. He grew up in Jervois/Murray Bridge, by the Murray River. Peter was a country boy with plans to become either a farmer or a veterinarian, but he always had a dream of becoming an actor.

He went to Adelaide to take a Bachelor of Science course at the University, and while there he became seriously ill, and was even close to dying, at age 19. It turned out he had a toxoplasmosis, a rare disease carried by pigs and cats, and for the next five years he had to take medication for it.

Peter later worked as a teacher for a short period of time, before deciding to hitch-hike through Western Australia and The Northern Territory. While in Adelaide he had been doing some amateur theatre, and had even sent in a tape to Grundy Organisation. Now he got a call from his father saying Grundy wanted to talk to him. He went to see them in Melbourne and got a part in Starting Out - a short-lived TV series. He later guest starred on several TV series.

In 1985, after two auditions for Neighbours, he got the part of Shane Ramsey. (The series also starred Vikki Blanche - who would later play Peter's sister on The Flying Doctors). But in 1987 he left Neighbours, ready to try something new. Shortly thereafter he received a script for The Flying Doctors, where he got the part of the new pilot Sam Patterson.

After two successful years with The Flying Doctors, Peter once again decided to move on, and left the show. His list of credits continued to grow, with both movies and mini-series, as well as TV-series. Peter later moved to London, where he continued working as an actor (including the popular TV series Queer as Folk in 1999). He also did a lot of theatre, including Butterflies are Free, Mother Goose, The Rivals, Loot, The Wizard of Oz and My Lovely...Shayna Maidel. He also returned to Australia several times to appear in productions there, and also did some theatre work (including Ibsens’s A Doll’s House). Peter married British actress Joanna Riding on December 24, 1990, but they got divorced in 1994.

In 2003 Peter married actress Miranda Otto, and on April 1, 2005 she gave birth to their first child - a daughter named Darcey.

In early 2005 Peter decided to try his luck in the USA. He went on an audition which lead to three movie parts - the first one will be The Return co-starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.
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