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News & Updates

September 11, 2008
4 rare pictures added (in Rare Pictures Page 3)

August 24, 2008
1 rare picture added (in Rare Pictures Page 2)
Production section updated!

April 28, 2008
4 rare pictures added (in Rare Pictures Page 2)
8 pictures added from Peter's guest star appearance on Gossip Girl

March 7, 2008
6 rare pictures added (in Rare Pictures Page 2)
Production section updated

December 29, 2007
21 pictures added from Through My Eyes (in Donated Pictures). Thanks to Sylvia!
1 rare picture added (in Rare Pictures Page 2)

September 9, 2007
12 pictures added from The Pact.

August 26, 2007
25 pictures added from The Return.
Layout has been updated.

August 25, 2007
20 pictures added from Day of the Roses (in Donated Pictures). Thanks to Sylvia.
Links added.

August 4, 2007
10 pictures added from Nightmares & Dreamscapes.
Production section updated.
Links added.

June 3, 2007
20 rare pictures added!

March 21, 2007
4 pictures added from Casualty (in Donated Pictures). Thanks to Angela
35 pictures from The Flying Doctors added.

March 15, 2007
4 pictures added from Stingers (in Donated Pictures). Big thanks to Angela for sharing them with us!

February 9, 2007
NEWS! Peter will join the cast of the BBC show Casualty. His first episode will air in the UK on March 18th. Thanks to Cheryl (Holby.TV) for this information!

September 5, 2006
Production section updated.

September 5, 2006
NEWS! New premiere dates for The Return! November 10 for the USA & January 26 for the UK!

September 3, 2006
A new guestbook has been added since the old one stopped working. Please sign it! I love reading your comments!
2 wallpapers added (in Graphics)

May 30, 2006
3 rare pictures added
Productions updated

May 29, 2006
NEWS! Peter will be appearing in the mini-series Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King, which will premiere on TNT (in the USA) on July 12! Be sure to watch it!

May 7, 2006
A link to the new Messsage Board has been added. Feel free to join the discussions there!

April 1, 2006
NEWS! The movie The Return will premiere on September 1, 2006!

March 5, 2006
10 rare pictures added
The Graphics section is back with 6 graphics and 1 wallpaper
Links section updated
Biography has been updated
Productions has been updated
The visitor counter has been replaced and is now starting over again - from 0.

November 9, 2005
Website has been moved to a new (ad-free) domain.
Some of the rare pictures have been replaced with larger versions.
1 rare picture added.
The Graphics section has been temporarily removed. It will be back soon - with more graphics!

October, 2005
NEWS! The movie Revolver now has a new title - The Return.

October 3, 2005
3 rare pictures added

September 7, 2005
5 rare pictures added

August 27, 2005
2 rare pictures added
1 quote added
Facts updated
Small changes in the biography
Small changes in the productions list

July 24, 2005
2 rare pictures added
3 links added

July 19, 2005
50 pictures from "The Flying Doctors" added!

June 30, 2005
2 rare pictures added
The section with pictures of Peter's "Flying Doctors" co-stars has been removed

June 29, 2005
1 picture added of Peter's daughter Darcey (in "Rare pictures")!
Small updates in Facts & Biography

June 3, 2005
23 pictures of Peter's co-stars from "The Flying Doctors" has been added.

May 29, 2005
17 rare pictures added

May 2, 2005
NEWS! Rumor has it Peter & Miranda have chosen the pretty name Darcey for their daughter!

May 2, 2005
Facts updated
Quotes updated

April 17, 2005
9 pictures added in "donated pictures"

April 7, 2005
NEWS! Peter's wife Miranda Otto gave birth to their first child - a daughter - on April 1!
Our best wishes to them!
Big thanks to "pobfan" for providing this information!

April 7, 2005
30 pictures added of Peter's co-stars from "The Flying Doctors"
6 pictures added in "donated pictures".
Small update in the biography

April 4, 2005
12 pictures from "Neighbours" added
1 link added

March 30, 2005
1 rare picture added

March 27, 2005
3 links added
Small changes in the biography

March 26, 2005
20 pictures from "The Flying Doctors" added

March 16, 2005
2 graphics & 1 wallpaper added

March 12, 2005
1 link added

March 10, 2005
NEWS! First Australia...then the United Kingdom..and now the United States of America! Peter will be starring in the movie Revolver, together with Sarah Michelle Gellar! He has also signed on for two more movies in the USA!

March 10, 2005
During the last week I've been uploading this website. All sections are now up, and should be working.
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