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About the decision to become an actor: “I’d always wanted to be an actor but I thought that was completely out of my grasp. So my goal was eventually to return to farming, but Mum and Dad encouraged me to try something else first”. (James Oram: Neighbours - Behind the Scenes (1988))

About acting: “...but I'm just loving work at the moment. I mean it beats doing real work, doesn't it?” (TV Week, April 26, 1986)

About being famous: “I don’t like the hype and I don’t like the preferential treatment. Just because I’m an actor doesn’t mean I should get free admission to Joe’s Bar and Grill when someone else doesn’t”. (James Oram: Neighbours - Behind the Scenes (1988))

“There are quite a few times when you are out with a few mates that you would like to be anonymous”. (TV Week, April 26, 1986)

“One guy was Australian and he looked at me and said ‘I know you’. The he added ‘Aren’t you Hugh Jackman?'” (Woman’s Day, December 6, 2004)

About the press (printing untrue stories): “You have to learn just to laugh at it all. But seriously, sometimes you do get sick of the whole thing. It can put a real strain on your friendships with people”. (TV Week, September 26, 1987)

About his divorce to his first wife Joanna Riding: “[I] wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, but it's an experience everyone should go through”. (Who Weekly, August 8, 1994)

About his Neighbours character Shane Ramsey: “He has an inner strength and independence and has learnt to take a stand on his father’s attempts to influence him”. (James Oram: Neighbours - Behind the Scenes (1988))

About joining The Flying Doctors: “My first day on the set I was so nervous I could hardly remember what the character was like. I was scared about what people were going to think of me and how they would react”. (James Oram: Neighbours - Behind the Scenes (1988))

About the possibilities of returning to The Flying Doctors: “I don’t know how long they will keep my part open. I would love to come back. Maybe next year? I don’t know. I hope so.” (Woman's Day, November 14, 1989)

About Cardiac Arrest: “ It’s a fantastic show to be in”. (TV Week, November 26, 1994)

About flying: “I’m the world’s worst flyer. I always expect the worst when I get in a plane and I’m always grateful to touch down”. (James Oram: Neighbours - Behind the Scenes (1988))

About working in London: “I love working in London. It's outrageous. The pace there is so fast.”( Woman's Day, November 14, 1989)

About Australia: “But Australia is still the best country in the world. It's home and I miss it when I am away”. (Woman's Day, November 14, 1989)
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