“I was training to be a director, but I found myself working in front of the camera quite a bit. I really started enjoying acting, so I moved into that area”. (TV Week (November 5, 1983))

About playing drums in big brother James‘ band Australian Crawl: “Little brother was asked along to try and keep a beat and that was my first professional job”. (TV Week (November 5, 1983))

“Starting off with Australian Crawl was an amazing opportunity. I should have taken more of a chance with it”. (TV Week (November 5, 1983))

About writing the lyrics for Cats Under Pressure: “I've always written poems, I guess you'd call them. Then in the studio we started putting my words to Simon's melodies and coming up with songs.” (Countdown, July 1986)

About growing up with brother James: “Oh, it was pretty good. We always used to be in the same football team and things like that. He used to beat me up a lot...you know, very normal. ” (Countdown, July 1986)

“I'd like to be known as a good actor. I'd like to be known as a good song writer.” (Countdown, July 1986)

About the character of Dr Guy Reid on The Flying Doctors: “He’s a lot of fun to play, but I hope people don’t think that I’m like him”. (TV Week (August 17, 1991))

“Sometimes it’s such an affront to my own personal sensitivities and wishes, myself as Dr Guy Reid, because some of the stuff Guy does just irks me. Some of the times I just think ‘aaagh’, because he’s such a jerk sometimes”. (TV Week (August 17, 1991))

About Golden Fiddles: “When I read the script, I thought it was lovely...a languid, lyrical piece, very nicely written”. (TV Week (August 17, 1991))

About Golden Fiddles: “It’s a very different look for me - the first period piece I’ve played. It’s wonderful when you put on all the clothes, slick back the hair and immerse yourself in something different”. (TV Week (August 17, 1991))

About the press printing untrue stories about him: “It totally annoys me. I hate it. I don’t like talking about myself as it is.” ( New Idea (November 16, 1991))

About Getaway: “Getaway lets you sit in your lounge room and either dream or plan a holiday”. (TV Week (June 20, 1992))

“God knows there are not many articulate people on television, and I’d like to be one”. (TV Week (June 20, 1992))

“I’m a great believer in working. I hate being unemployed”. (TV Week (June 20, 1992))

“I’m a bit of a luxury freak - I love luxury hotels. I hate camping...I really hate camping”. (TV Week (June 20, 1992))

“This is a great opportunity. Being a host on Midday is something I have wanted to do for a long time. It's a bit daunting, but exciting”. (TV Week (June 17, 1995))

About acting: “I remember being up in Lancefield standing on the set of Snowy and thinking to myself ‘I really want to do this’”. (TV Extra (Sunday Herald Sun) (May 18, 1997))

“Spending a whole year with my son enriched me. A lot of fathers don’t get that opportunity”. (TV Extra (Sunday Herald Sun) (May 18, 1997))

“I like to eat food which is unique to the places I visit“. (TV Week (June 9, 2001))

On writing:“You're a slave to editors. You have sat there for hours thinking of the perfect word, and they change it!” (Woman's Weekly (June 2002))

“After 12 years on Getaway, my body is host to more jetlag than a bus full of sumo wrestlers”. (Woman's Day (February 6, 2006))

About being in the Chantoozies: “It’s fun being together most of the time, and having four girls in the band is really good. Every other band I’ve played in has been all guys - and it’s wonderful and enlightening to be in a band with four girls - it’s all very supportive.” (Smash Hits)

“I like dancing. I’m not a technical dancer mind you - I’ve never learnt dancing but I enjoy it, when I’ve got the vibe. Being a drummer, I suppose I like to move and groove to the beat”. (Smash Hits)