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The List of Memories...

When Little House on the Prairie aired for the first time in Sweden in 1979 I was only two years old, but yet I became a big fan right away. Even today it is still my favourite TV series, and I never get tired of watching it, over and over again. Without a doubt this is the most special TV series ever made.
Karl Swenson’s character Lars Hanson has always been one of my very favourite characters. Not only because it was a great character played by an amazingly talented actor, but also because it is so rare to see a Swedish character in an American series be a really nice and special person.
Mr Hanson really was the soul of Walnut Grove, and Karl added so much to the series with his great talent. He had some wonderful dramatic scenes, but also a lot of terribly funny ones! This part alone would be enough reason to remember Karl forever.
But Karl has starred in so many other productions, and he always does a wonderful job! I especially like him a lot as Merlin in The Sword in the Stone, but he is perfect in all other parts I’ve seen him in too.
Rest in peace, Karl - we will always remember you…
~Annika (Sweden)~

Karl Swenson was a very warm and loving man. He always had a smile on his face. Karl was a very pleasent man to work with.
~Brian Part (Little House on the Prairie co-star)

Here is my list of memories of the great Karl Swenson. When I saw him on Little House, he was such a warm presence on the show. His character, Lars Hanson, was a sweet, gentle soul. I always enjoyed watching him.
When I was told his accent was fake, I was so shocked. That was a great acting job!! It was very believable and I thought that he really talked like that.
I really enjoyed him in the earlier seasons, especially his scenes with Kevin Hagen, who played Dr. Baker. To see Mr. Hanson pick up little Carrie, and she smiled at him, made my heart melt.
One memory in particular that is really special to me, involves my favorite actress, and fellow Little House co-star, Karen Grassle. (Caroline) I read that she loved to sit with Karl during breaks, because he was always reading something interesting. How sweet!!
For me, the saddest memory was of his character being very ill, and only to find out that he died a short time before that episode aired. The cast lost a very valuable player, and I am sure that they all knew that.
Karl, I will remember you fondly. We miss you!
~God bless & rest in prairie peace, Maggie, Virginia, USA

Karl Swenson was a wonderful person. I will always remember him as Lars Hanson on Little House on the Prairie. I just loved him as Mr. Hanson! He had so many funny scenes and he can always make me laugh. He was so wonderful to watch! He sure was a great addition to this lovely TV show.
He seemed like a really nice, sweet and down-to-earth guy to be around with and I bet he was loved among the cast. It was a shock for me to find out he passed away soon after his final Little House episode. He is missed. R.I.P Mr. Swenson.
~Daisy (The Netherlands)

At the annual 'Mayberry Days' festival in Mount Airy, North Carolina in 2002, the special guest was Harvey Bullock-writer of 'The Andy Griffith Show' episode 'Mr. McBeevee' (guest-starring Karl Swenson). At an event called 'Professor Brower's Lecture' (at the Downtown Cinema), Bullock was the professor's guest. During the course of the interview while showing clips from 'Mr. Beevee', Professor Brower became a little choked with emotion over the tender scene with Andy and Opie in Opie's bedroom concerning his son's supposed fabrication of the character of Mr. McBeevee.' That had to make Harvey Bullock feel good, knowing that this scene where Andy ultimately believes Opie's story about a "Mr. McBeevee", would elicit emotions like that.

Stevensville, MD

Memories of Karl Swenson