Title Episode Character Year
Ripcord Day of the Hunter Will Gorman ?
Kraft Television Theatre Guest in the House ? 1954
Hallmark Hall of Fame Alice in Wonderland Humpty Dumpty 1955
Playwrights '56 The Day the Trains Stopped Running Sy Crandell 1956
The United States Steel Hour To Die Alone Abner Carson 1957
Robert Montgomery Presents One Minute to Ditch ? 1957
The Walter Winchell File Thou Shalt Not Kill ? 1957
Circus Boy The Magic Lantern Lars Larsen 1957
Maverick The Wrecker Captain Nares 1957
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars The Lonely Wizard Asmussen 1957
Gunsmoke Fingered Hank Luz 1957
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Curfew Cannon Andre 1958
Alfred Hitchcock Presents On the Nose Ed 1958
Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre Tunnel Eight Casey 1958
Leave It to Beaver Train Trip George Haskell 1958
Leave It to Beaver Voodoo Magic George Haskell 1958
Colt .45 Long Odds Courtwright 1958
Cheyenne Dead to Rights Bruce Coll 1958
Jefferson Drum The Lawless Kiley 1958
Bat Masterson Cheyenne Club Pate 1958
Sugarfoot Price on His Head Bill 1958
Maverick Shady Deal at Sunny Acres Sheriff Griffen 1958
Sugarfoot Small War at Custer Junction Andy Burke 1958
The Texan Law of the Gun Sheriff 1958
Zane Grey Theater This Man Must Die Lee Willis 1958
Have Gun - Will Travel Twenty-Four Hours to North Fork Milo Culligan 1958
Have Gun - Will Travel A Sense of Justice Sheriff Neal Grayson 1958
77 Sunset Strip Two and Two Makes Six Baldwin 1958
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse Trial at Devil's Canyon Snipes 1959
Trackdown Terror Monroe 1959
Sugarfoot The Mysterious Stranger Dennis O'Hara 1959
Sugarfoot The Extra Hand Alexi Sharlokov 1959
Steve Canyon Iron Curtain Karoli 1959
The Jack Benny Program The Bergen Show Pierre 1959
Bronco Red Water North Captain Taylor 1959
Bronco The Silent Witness Casey 1959
Tightrope Stand on Velvet William B. Kane 1959
Men Into Space Moon Landing Senator Jim Sloane 1959
Lock Up The Failure Ed Reed 1959
Riverboat The Fight Back Ansel Torgin 1959
The Man from Blackhawk The New Semaria Story ? 1959
Rawhide Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse Sergeant 1959
The Rebel Panic Lew Bussey 1959
Black Saddle Four from Stillwater Doc Wile 1959
The Texan Cowards Don't Die Sam Maitland 1959
Zane Grey Theater King of the Valley Will Harmon 1959
Have Gun - Will Travel Alaska Boris Tosheff 1959
Bonanza Death on Sun Mountain Carl Harris 1959
Gunsmoke Kitty's Injury Raff Judson 1959
Hotel de Paree Sundance and the Marshal of Water's End Jed Holmes 1960
The Rifleman The Jailbird Chris Mance 1960
The Rifleman The Vision Nils Swenson 1960
Zane Grey Theater The Sunrise Gun Luis Greening 1960
Mr. Lucky Odyssey of Hate St. John 1960
The Man and the Challenge Breakoff Dr. Lindstrom 1960
Johnny Ringo Lobo Lawman Marshal Kramer 1960
Alfred Hitchcock Presents A Very Moral Theft John (the Brother) 1960
Hawaiian Eye The Blue Goddess Martin Dunlap 1960
Klondike Klondike Fever Judge Frank Weinstock 1960
The Westerner Line Camp Ben Potts 1960
Hong Kong The Dragon Cup ? 1960
Bonanza Day of Reckoning Ike Dagget 1960
The Aquanauts Secret at Half Moon Key Rainbow 1961
Maverick Family Pride General Josiah Warren 1961
Klondike Swing Your Partner Dr. Edwards 1961
The Best of the Post Frontier Correspondent ? 1961
The Case of the Dangerous Robin The Genuine Fake ? 1961
Have Gun - Will Travel Fandango Lloyd Petty 1961
Have Gun - Will Travel El Paso Stage Sam DeWitt 1961
Have Gun - Will Travel Brother's Keeper Sheriff 1961
Outlaws Return to New March ? 1961
The Untouchables Mr. Moon Mr. Dreiser 1961
77 Sunset Strip The Man in the Mirror Joseph Vanner/Joe Vianelli 1961
Wagon Train The Jim Bridger Story Jim Bridger 1961
Gunsmoke Potshot Hutch Dawkins 1961
Ben Casey And If I Die Dr. Barthold 1962
Surfside 6 Who Is Sylvia? Charlie Haynes 1962
The Dick Powell Show Safari Lang 1962
The Untouchables Arsenal Stanley Zolinsky 1962
Kraft Mystery Theater Change of Heart ? 1962
The Comedy Spot Life with Virginia Harold Carol 1962
Sam Benedict Nothing Equals Nothing Barney Rosvalley 1962
The Andy Griffith Show Mr. McBeevee Mr. McBeevee 1962
Laramie A Grave for Cully Brown Bryan James 1962
Laramie Trial by Fire Lars Carlson 1962
77 Sunset Strip Twice Dead Tom Lansing 1962
Perry Mason The Case of the Tarnished Trademark Axel Norstaad 1962
The Virginian Riff-Raff Col. Theodore 'Theo' Roosevelt 1962
Gunsmoke Chester's Indian Adam Dill 1962
The Dakotas Thunder in Pleasant Valley Harry McNeill 1963
Sam Benedict Not Even the Gulls Shall Weep Barney Rosvalley 1963
Sam Benedict Some Fires Die Slowly Barney Rosvalley 1963
The Eleventh Hour Beauty Playing a Mandolin Underneath a Willow Tree Nelson 1963
G.E. True Security Risk Kowalski 1963
Laramie The Stranger Emikl Viktor 1963
77 Sunset Strip By His Own Verdict Marty Kline 1963
The Greatest Show on Earth The Wrecker Louis 1963
Temple Houston Seventy Times Seven Sam Wade 1963
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters The Day of the First Suitor Coley Bishop 1963
Perry Mason The Case of the Bigamous Spouse Corley Ketchum 1963
The Virginian Run Away Home Karl Swenson 1963
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters The Day of the Search Bigger 1964
Wagon Train The Jed Whitmore Story Harry Whitmore 1964
Kraft Suspense Theatre Once Upon a Savage Knight Erickson 1964
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. A Date for the Colonel's Daughter Colonel Harper 1964
Profiles in Courage Richard T. Ely Chynoweth 1964
Mr. Novak Love Amongst the Grown-Ups ? 1964
Death Valley Days A Bargain Is for Keeping ? 1964
Perry Mason The Case of the Sleepy Slayer Charles Norman 1964
Lassie Crossroad Ben McKinnon 1964
Gunsmoke Blue Heaven Tabe 1964
Perry Mason The Case of the 12th Wildcat Unk Hazekian 1965
The Fugitive Brass Ring Morgan 1965
Dr. Kildare The Life Machine Judge 1965
Dr. Kildare Wives and Losers Judge 1965
Dr. Kildare Hour of Decision Judge 1965
Convoy The Man with the Saltwater Socks Lars Hanson 1965
The Big Valley Winner Lose All Bert Hadley 1965
Bonanza A Natural Wizard Dr. Woods 1965
Lassie In the Eyes of Lassie Dr. Karl Hansen 1965
The Virginian Blaze of Glory Ben Wallace 1965
A Man Called Shenandoah End of a Legend Sheriff Ben Garrett 1966
Twelve O'Clock High To Seek and Destroy Karisen 1966
The Big Valley Last Train to the Fair Aaron Moyers 1966
Gunsmoke Harvest Ian McGovern 1966
Gunsmoke The Newcomers Lars Karlgren 1966
The Big Valley Wagonload of Dreams Steve Minter 1967
The Rat Patrol Two for One Raid Col. Seidner 1967
Hogan's Heroes How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis Dr. Karl Svenson 1967
Bonanza Showdown at Tahoe Captain Neils Larson 1967
Cimarron Strip Broken Wing Dr. Kihlgren 1967
Cimarron Strip The Battle of Bloody Stones Dr. Kihlgren 1967
Cimarron Strip The Beast That Walks Like a Man Dr. Kihlgren 1967
Cimarron Strip Nobody Dr. Kihlgren 1967
Lassie The Homeless Anson Booth 1967
Lassie A Time of Decision Anson Booth 1967
Tarzan The Professional Governor General 1968
Judd for the Defense Fall of a Skylark: Part 1 - The Trial Judge 1968
Judd for the Defense Fall of a Skylark: Part 2 - The Appeal Judge 1968
Cimarron Strip Fool's Gold Dr. Kihlgren 1968
Cimarron Strip Knife in the Darkness Dr. Kihlgren 1968
The Guns of Will Sonnett Stopover in a Troubled Town Walden 1968
Lassie Hanford's Point Barnaby Cornell 1968
Premiere Walk in the Sky Erickson 1968
The Outcasts Act of Faith Tom Reed 1969
Mission: Impossible The Spy Colonel Dubov 1968
The Virginian The Crooked Path Sheriff Roy Cheever 1968
The Virginian The Heritage Nelson 1968
Mission: Impossible The Numbers Game Dr. Ziegler 1969
The Virginian The Substitute Ezra Gates 1969
Gunsmoke The Devil's Outpost McGruder 1969
Hawaii Five-O Three Dead Cows at Makapuu: Part 1 Abel Morgan 1970
The Immortal The Queen's Gambit Dom DiLorenzo 1970
Medical Center Secret Heritage Dr. Mills 1971
Ironside Killing at the Track Veternarian 1971
Gunsmoke Lavery Mr. Hubert 1971
Dan August Trackdown Aubrey Burnett 1971
Longstreet Let the Memories Be Happy Ones Sven Aalborg 1972
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury Operation: Deathwatch Otto Schurman 1972
The Mod Squad The Cave ? 1972
Ghost Story At the Cradle Foot Ed Barnes 1972
The Odd Couple Sometimes a Great Ocean Captain Potter 1973
Barnaby Jones Trial Run for Death Mr. Fowler 1973
Emergency! Messin' Around Gus 1974
Doc Elliot The Gold Mine Mike Shea 1974
Apple's Way The Pen Pal Dr. Knowles 1974
Happy Days Richie's Car Police Detective 1974
Cannon Coffin Corner Jack Halsey 1975
Disneyland Wild Country: Part 1 Jensen 1975
Disneyland Wild Country: Part 2 Jensen 1975
Little House on the Prairie Season 1-5 Lars Hanson 1974-1978
The Amazing Spider-Man Night of the Clones Dr. Carl Benson 1978
Memories of Karl Swenson