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Identical twins Brenda Lea Turnbaugh and Wendi Lou Turnbaugh were born on August 13, 1977. Brenda is the older twin, born about 1-2 minutes before Wendi. The girls grew up in San Fernando Valley together with their mother Jackie (who worked as a waitress), older sister Michelle and younger sister Heidi. (Their father left when the girls were little, but they later got a step-father.)

Just like many little girls Wendi and Brenda (at age 3) loved dolls, cats (the family had two cats - Russel and Barrel) and spaghetti!

Between 1978 and 1982 Brenda and Wendi shared the part of Grace Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. Grace is the youngest member of the Ingalls family, born in the episode "A Most Precious Gift". But Wendi and Brenda didn't start playing the part until a couple of episodes later - in an episode called "As Long As We're Together".

After the success with the Greenbush Twins (who shared the part of Grace's older sister Carrie between 1974 and 1982), the producers of "Little House" were determined to find twins for the part of little Grace as well. Kent McCray (producer of "Little House on the Prairie") was a close friend to Wendi & Brenda's grandmother. He told her he needed twins to play Grace, and was thrilled when she told him her daughter had just given birth to twins!

Wendi & Brenda got the part of Grace, and kept it until the entire Ingalls family (except the second-oldest daughter Laura) left Walnut Grove (and the show) in 1982.

The twins loved being part of the happy Ingalls family (although they sometimes argued about who got to do what scene). Both twins were close to Michael Landon (who played their father, Charles Ingalls), in spite of the fact that he once gave them VERY spicy food for an episode of "Little House on the Prairie". The idea was to get Grace to refuse to eat the food that Pa had cooked - and boy did it work! Both twins refused to eat ANYTHING Michael offered them after that...

After "Little House on the Prairie" Brenda and Wendi did one commercial, but then decided not to continue their acting career.

Brenda and Wendi both went to Atascadero High School. Wendi then went on to study psychology at Biola Universitey, but today she is working as a web designer. She has been married to Josh since 1999, and their favourite hobbies include playing tennis and running.

Brenda has been married to Adam since 1996, and they have 2 children - a son named Conner (born in 2002) and a daughter named Dana (born in 2003). Brenda has her teaching credential to work as a history teacher for High School (and she's also getting her masters degree so she can teach at the community college level), but right now she is focusing on taking care of her children. Adam is a youth pastor, and Brenda also loves teaching the message of the bible to the high school students. Her favourite hobbies are snowboarding, wakeboarding, kyacking, biking and anything outdoors (she even entered a triathlon in May 2004!) - and of course being with her family.

Wendi and Brenda are still very close - they live only 20 minutes from eachother, so they get to see eachother often. Neither girl uses the last name Turnbaugh anymore - for a while they used their stepfather's last name Schlecht - but now they have both taken their husbands' last names.