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Interview: Brenda Turnbaugh

August 2, 2004

This in an exclusive interview for this website (www.zunshine.com/turnbaugh) only. Do NOT take it!

Big thanks to Brenda Turnbaugh for agreeing to do this interview!!

Who was born first, you or Wendi?
I was but only about one and a half minutes or so.

Are you identical or fraternal twins?
Identical as far as we know but we haven't done any DNA testing or anything.

Could you tell us your and Wendi's middle name/s?
Wendi Lou and Brenda Lea.

Do you know what was the first episode of "Little House on the Prairie" that you appeared in?
We were 8 Months and it was the first episode that the Ingalls moved to the city. It was the same episode that "Albert" first appeared in too.

What's your earliest acting memory?
I probably didn't remember much until the last season. I remember the circus episode and eating in the big red barn that was on set but the most vivid was the hurricane episode where Laura starts throwing rocks at the house and I was supposed to run out into a field and keep running. Of course I was scared to death and wanted to stop and look back but everyone just kept screaming keep running.

Do you have a favourite episode of "Little House", or a scene that was extra fun to make?
I was being read to by Dean Butler "Almanzo" the story of the three bears. He was supposed to be putting me to bed but of course I didn't want to sleep but I wanted another story. This episode always makes me remember how nice Dean was to us.

Do you have a least favourite episode of "Little House", or a scene that you didn't enjoy making?

What are your memories of your "Little House-family":

- Michael Landon (Charles/Pa)?
He was fun and always made us feel like one of the important people. One day we were sitting in those director chairs and Wendi fell through the back. Pa had special little chairs with our own names on them made for us so we would have chairs like everyone else.

- Karen Grassle (Caroline/Ma)?
She was a sweetheart to us.

- Melissa sue Anderson
I don't have many memories with her.

- Melissa Gilbert (Laura)?
Supposively she taught Wendi and I our first word "bead". Besides that, she always played with us and showered us with love.

- Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush / Rachel & Robyn Bush (Carrie)?
They were our big twin sisters and were both awesome.

Matthew Laborteaux (Albert)?
I don't remember anything specifically but I always think of him fondly.

- Jason Bateman (James)?
I remember riding in the wagon with him. He always joked around with us.

- Missy Francis (Cassandra)?
No memories.

Do you have any other fun memories/stories from "Little House" to share with us?
There are so many, most aren't the ones caught on tape but just fun things around the set. Jumping over cow pies, playing in our dressing room and being very quiet when we were told.

Do you feel that you and Wendi shared the part of Grace Ingalls equally, or did one of you play her in more scenes that the other one?
Basically Wendi was scared of the camera at first so if they wanted a cryer she was it, happy baby I was it. At first maybe I played a little more but as she got older Wendi shared the role more equally.

Are there any easy ways to tell you and Wendi apart on "Little House"?
No not really, sometimes I can't tell and my mom either. If we were sitting right next to each other my face would look fuller than Wendi's but we are never right next to each other are we?

Have you in any way continued acting after "Little House"?
No we only did one commercial very shortly after the show ended.

Do people still recognize you as "Baby Grace"?
No most people don't believe us when we tell them our claim to fame.

Do you look upon "Little House on the Prairie" as a positive or negative experience?
Very positive memories.

Finally, could you tell us a little about your life today?
I am 26 years old, married to Adam my highschool sweetheart. He is a youth pastor so I am very involved with the high school kids . I also have two kids of my own - Conner (2 & 1/2) and Dana (1 & 1/2) I stay home with them but I also have my teaching credential to be a highschool history teacher. I am also getting my master so I can teach at the community college level. i LOVE wakeboarding, kyacking, biking and anything outdoors.