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Interview: Sidney Robyn Greenbush

April 20th, 2003

This interview is exclusive for this website (http://www.zunshine.com) only! Please don't take it...

Big thanks to Sidney Robyn Greenbush for taking the time to do this interview!!

What’s your earliest acting memory?
The earliest memory I have is of doing Sunshine but I also remember doing a Mardi Grai commercial & a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial but I am not sure how old I was then.

Could you tell us about the fall in the opening sequence of "Little House on the Prairie"?
I remember running down the hill & getting going to fast. I fell & then when I got up I remember my Mom was standing by the camera trying to get me to run again & I thought to myself "Nu uh, no way well just walk". I wouldn't do it again & Rachel wouldn't either, so since both takes had falls in them they decided to leave it that way. Who knows maybe that was the inspiration for America's Funniest Home Video.

What was your favourite "Little House on the Prairie" episode (or scene) to make, and why?
My favorite Episode was "The Godsister" because we finally got a chance to prove to Michael that we were every bit as good & talented as anyone else on the show.

What was your least favourite "Little House on the Prairie" episode (or scene) to make, and why?
My least favorite episode came later. I don't remember the name but I is they one where I think they meet Albert for the first time. Anyway the family goes to Sleepyeye. Laura & Carrie are waiting in the wagon. Carrie has to go to the bathroom. Laura wont take her so she ends up wetting her bloomers. This really embarrassed me & I remember thinking that the audience wouldn't buy Carrie not being able to find a bathroom on her own at 10 or 11 years old.

Looking back, do you feel it was more fun working on "Little House on the Prairie" during the first seasons or the later seasons?
I wouldn't say any years were more fun that others. It was something I grew up doing. In the later years I had to have a tutor but I still remember sitting under the big Oak Tree by the mercantile doing embroidery with my Mom.

Did you and Rachel ever fight about who got to do which scenes, and if so what type of scenes did you both want to do? And who really did decide if you or Rachel would do a scene?
I don't remember ever fighting over scenes until "The Godsister". We both wanted to play Elissa, so my Mom divided the scenes in half. Anyother time I dont remember who made the decision. I just went with the flow & did what they told me.

What was it like making the episode "The Godsister"?
"The Godsister" was a lot of fun & I will always remember it.

Who was your favourite co-star/s of the kids (besides Rachel) on "Little House on the Prairie"?
My favorite costar of the kids was Kyle Richards. Kim Richard's Little sister. She played Mr. Edward's daughter. I think it was because we were the same age & most of the kids were older.

Who was your favourite co-star/s of the adults on "Little House on the Prairie"?
I didn't realize who all the adult stars were at the time. But my favorite adult start that we met were actually never on the show. We used to always see Henry Winkler when we were on the Paramount lot in the beginning. He was always really nice to us. My tie favorite was Bill Murray (sp?) whom we met when we went to New York to do Kids are People Too. He was doing a spin off of the weekend update that he was doing on Saturday Night Live.

Do you have some stories to share with us about your time on "Little House on the Prairie", or about something that happened behind the scenes of the show?
I remember thinking Melissa was so lucky because she got to have Bunny (the horse). Back then I thought Melissa actually did the riding & I was envious.

Could you give us some clues on how to tell you and Rachel apart on "Little House on the Prairie"?
I really cant give you many except in the later years I had a gap between my front teeth.

Who of the other cast members have you kept in touch with, and when did you last see them?
The only person I have Kept in touch with is Alison Armgrim but I am way overdue to go see her.

What was the best thing about working on "Little House on the Prairie"?
My favorite things are the special events that we got to take part in as a result of being on Little House. Like our trip to New York to do Kids are people too & when we went to the White House to meet Amy Carter & watch the lighting of the Christmas tree.

What was the worst thing about working on "Little House on the Prarie"?
There really was no worst thing.

Do you look upon your time on "Little House on the Prairie" as a positive or negative experience?
On the whole I would have to say it was a positive.

In what ways were you and Rachel different (when it comes to personality) when you were little, and what are the biggest differences between the two of you today?
I am not really what differences there were between Rachel & I when we were little. I would say we were as individual as any other brother or sister.

What is your favourite & least favourite thing about being a twin?
I don't have a favorite or least favorite because I don't know what it is like not to be a twin. All twins struggle for personal identity because at a young age parents dress them alike & refer to them as the "twins." Twins are really as much different as their appearance is the same. They should be encouraged to make their own choices & have there own interest. Then if they want to do the samething that's OK but it should be the choice of Both of the twins.

Were you and your sister named after anyone, and if so who?
I am not named after anyone.

Is it true you’re writing a book, and if so what kind of book is it? Is it already available to the public?
Yes, I am working on a book. I haven't taken it to a publisher yet because all of the companies I have spoken with do not print color pictures. I really want the color pictures because I think it will give a better feel & more life to the photos.

What was it like making the movie "Hambone & Hillie"?
I had a lot of fun filming "Hambone & Hillie." I had a great time working with Alan Hale, Jr.

When did you change the spelling of your name (from Robin to Robyn)?
I changed the spelling of my name in either Junior High or High School. I wanted my name to look more feminine since both Sidney & Robin can be Boy names. I didn't think a man would spell his name Robyn.

Finally, could you tell us a bit about what your life is like today?
As far as my life now, I work full time, I just started back to college to try to get my Master's & I breed, train, show, & sell American Quarter Horses. I am trying to build a bigger breeding program and in the future I hope to start doing Embryo Transfers.